***Machine Gun Preacher Competition***

Movie Geeks has teamed up with Lions Gate Home Entertainment to give away 3 copies of one of the best films of 2011. Machine Gun Preacher is an inspiring, hard-hitting and action packed film which is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray from the 19th March 2012.

It is directed by Marc Forster (enough said) and stars Gerald Butler, Michelle Monaghan and Oscar nominee Michael Shannon. Machine Gun Preacher is based on the true story of Sam Childers (Gerald Butler) an ex drug-dealing biker who after leaving prison, makes the life-changing decision to go to East Africa to help repair homes destroyed by civil war, and protect the refugee children in war-torn Sudan. This film will undoubtedly make you cry and feel like utter crap by the time it’s over but it also highlights the fact that there are some truly amazing people in this world.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the film on DVD, simply answer the following question below.

Gerald Butler starred alongside Jamie Foxx in which film?

A) The Bounty Hunter
B) The Ugly Truth
C) Law Abiding Citizen

Please leave your name and answer in the comments box below.

Note: The competition ends at 12pm on Sunday 25th March and the winner will be notified by return email.

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  1. Richard Hodges

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 21, 2012 @ 23:21

  2. Ahktar Niamut

    C) Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 22, 2012 @ 11:13

  3. Natalie Bowle

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 22, 2012 @ 11:45

  4. Kirstie Evans

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 22, 2012 @ 17:36

  5. Pete A

    C) Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 24, 2012 @ 21:57

  6. jo hutchinson

    c) Law abiding Citizen

    Mar 26, 2012 @ 07:35

  7. Mary Edwards

    Law Abiding Citizen

    Mar 28, 2012 @ 09:43