This Weeks One To Watch: Marley

If I had to sum this film up in one word, I’d say it was ‘interesting’. I say that because I found out a lot of new things about Bob Marley’s life that I never know before. Did you know that his late mother Cedella fell pregnant with him when she was 16 and his English father was 60? I know, that was a shocker to me too. But the most ‘interesting’ thing about this film was that it was produced by Ziggy Marley. It starred Bob’s daughter Cedella Marley but none of his other 11 children. The fact that Julian, Stephen, Rohan and especially Damian weren’t in the film was a big disappointment in my opinion.

Other than that, the film does what it says on the tin. It focuses on Bob Marley’s musical career, the struggles he faced being mixed race in Jamaicia, the Rastafarian movement right through to his death. It is a great film that will undoubtedly move you in some way or another…as well as make your ass numb after sitting down for 2.5 hours. Marley is certificate 15 and will be out in cinemas across the UK on Friday.